With a Stoett Retractable SportScreen you get unsurpassed sun and insect protection as well as the comfort and convenience of fresh air flow to reduce harsh organic or chemical smells from animals and mechanical equipment.

(Please measure Height and Width in inches)

From the floor to the ceiling by the back door.

Inside Wall to wall distance. (Measure both top and bottom and enter the shortest width)

Compact and Intuitive Design

The Stoett Retractable SportScreen is the perfect way to work on your motorbike or quad; feed or water your horse; or just keep fresh air flowing into your RV, toy hauler, or horse trailer.

Ergonomic & UV-protected with complete moisture protection.

Similar to French doors, gnu screens, or screen doors/retractable screen doors, SportScreen provides an unobstructed view that can be easily opened and closed.


The SportScreen slides up and down easily with a spring-loaded mechanism providing a tight, smooth fit.

With low-profile side tracks and no bottom rail, you'll be able to take advantage of the full opening to easily maneuver your bike, cart, quad, or horse.


No bottom rail to drive over - screen attaches flush with the floor

The construction of the screen means no buttons to snap in place or zipper to open and close and potentially break.

SportScreen Installation

It's easy to install and operate. In about 30 minutes you can be enjoying the outdoors while in your RV or trailer. With the large opening in the back of our trailer or RV protected with a screen you'll prevent bugs from harassing you and harmful UV rays from affecting your health and your equipment.
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